2022 STS Conference

Cultural Mappings

Loyola University Chicago, May 26-28

“The world comes bedecked in places… It is a place-world to begin with.”

—Edward Casey 

The 2022 STS conference—the first in-person conference since 2019—will take place May 26-28, 2022 at Loyola University Chicago, with the conference theme “Cultural Mappings.” Following, and we hope furthering, the work of “reckonings” begun in the 2021 meeting — the critical analysis of the past, reflection on the present, and speculation about the future of textual scholarship as we transit through a period of multi-dimensional, global upheaval — we seek to explore the multivalent ways mapping as a mode of inquiry and a methodological tool in the field of textual scholarship makes visible the meanings of cultural heritage and contributes to our affective experience of emplacement. The work of cultural mapping is capacious and allied with deep mapping, community mapping, ecological mapping, counter-mapping, qualitative GIS, and emotional mapping. What does it mean to dwell? How are texts and other works also cartographs that give us access to the sedimented strata of our experiences in a lifeworld flourishing with multiple voices, present contingencies, contested pasts, and imagined futures?  

Featured sessions will include plenaries on the Mapping of Texts, Spaces, and Pilgrimage Sites and Remapping Cultural Land- and Text-scapes with Digital Humanities, e.g., computational and data-driven methods, platform studies, open access, open source software, tools, etc.  

Advance registration is open through May 6. Please go to this page to begin the registration process.

A copy of the program is available here.

  • The opening plenary session, Mapping the Intersections of Text, Space, & Pilgrimage Sites, gathers papers considering the remapping of sacred spaces, traditions, images, and time, with Dr. Laura Carnevale (University of Bari), Dr. Fabio Caruso (University of Bari), Dr. Edmondo Lupieri (Loyola University Chicago), and Dr. Josefrayn Sánchez-Perry (Loyola University Chicago).
  • The inaugural Greetham Lecture and second plenary session, Izhi-aazhogeng: On Redescribing Cultural Artifacts and Identities, will feature Dr. Rose Miron (D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies, Newberry Library), Dr. Blaire Topash-Caldwell (University of Massachusetts Boston), Dr. Margaret Noodin (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and Dr. Kelly Wisecup (Northwestern University).
  • Dr. Steven E. Jones (DeBartolo Chair in Liberal Arts and Professor of Digital Humanities, Department of English, University of South Florida) will deliver a plenary lecture about Roberto Busa, S. J. and the Mapping of Humanities Computing.
  • Sessions at the Newberry Library will include materials from the D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies and from the Library’s extensive cartographic collections, hosted by Will Hanson (Curator of Americana).

In addition to registering for the conference, all presenters must be members of STS. For information about membership, please visit the Society for Textual Scholarship website https://textualsociety.org/membership-information/.

In the event that the pandemic prevents an on-site meeting, we will host the conference virtually.