Welcome to the homepage of the Society for Textual Scholarship, an international organization of scholars working in textual studies, editing and editorial theory, electronic textualities, and issues of textual culture across a wide variety of disciplines. The Society welcomes all those whose work explores the ideological structures and material processes that shape the transmission, reception, production, and interpretation of texts.

The Society’s peer-reviewed journal Textual Cultures is published twice a year. Textual Cultures invites essays from scholars around the world in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. All articles will appear also with abstracts in English. The submission process is now electronic; for submission instructions, visit the journal’s information page.

The Society for Textual Scholarship is devoted to providing a forum, in its conferences and its journal, for the discussion of the interdisciplinary implications of current textual research. The Society is dedicated to exploring how the various cultures of textual production shape the creation, reception, dissemination, and understanding of texts; how technologies alter and influence the experience of texts; and how changing conceptions of authorship and editorial practice operate in the making of textual meanings. The Society addresses questions–contemporary and historical, theoretical and practical–of how the material and social manifestations of textual cultures inform acts of interpretation.

The Society welcomes scholars from disciplines such as literature (in all languages), history, musicology, classical and biblical studies, philosophy, art history, legal history, history of science and technology, computer science, library science, lexicography, epigraphy, paleography, codicology, cinema studies, theatre, linguistics, and textual and literary theory.

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