Dear Friends and Members of the Society,
It is with overwhelming sadness that I announce the passing of David C. Greetham on March 24, 2020. Each and every one of us will remember David for any number of moments shared with him, from our meetings in the early days of the Society for Textual Scholarship, in classrooms at NYU, at dinners in Mexican restaurants and at the famous post-conference parties he threw when we were all much younger. On behalf of the Society and all its members past and present, I offer our most sincere condolences to his son Alex and his family here and abroad.
David’s profound impact on the field of textual scholarship will be secondary to many of our memories of his extraordinary energy, generosity and championing of younger scholars and ideas that weren’t his own. So many of us were so lucky to have been his friend and to have warmed ourselves in the wonderful light of his gracious devotion to his friends.
In the days and weeks to come the Society will be discussing ways to honor David’s contributions and memory. No matter how great the honor is that we will pay to him, the personal memories that each of us will recall and share will in many ways be the highest tribute we can offer to our friend David. No words adequately convey how much we will miss him.
Wayne Storey
President, Society for Textual Scholarship