2007 STS Conference

The 2007 Society for Textual Scholarship
14th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference
March 14-17, 2007, New York University, New York, NY

Program Chairs: Marta Werner, D’Youville College
and Nicholas Frankel, Virginia Commonwealth University

STS 2007 Conference Program

We are delighted to announce that an exhibition of recent presswork produced by the U. Iowa Center for the Book will be on display throughout the conference in Room 702.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007: 5:00-7:00 p.m. Hospitality Reception and Registration. (Library, NYU’s Kevorkian Center, 50 Washington Square South)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

8:15 a.m. Registration/Coffee. (Outside Room 703)

8:30 a.m. Robin Schulze, Executive Director, Welcome. (Room 703)

8:45-10:45 a.m. Plenary I: Book History, Textual Criticism, and Bibliography: Relating and Distinguishing the Sub-Disciplines. Chair: Paul Eggert (U New South Wales). (Room 703)

Wayne Storey (editor, Textual Cultures): “Interpretive Mechanisms of Textual Cultures in Scholarly Editing”

David L. Vander Meulen (editor, Studies in Bibliography): “Bibliography and Other History”

Ezra Greenspan (editor, Book History): “Center and/or Circumference: Book History and its Neighbors”

Respondent: Peter Shillingsburg (De Montfort U)

11:00-1:00 A Sessions

A1 Book History, Textual Criticism, and Bibliography: Case Studies. Chair: Barbara Bordalejo (Birmingham U). (Room 713)

Paul Eggert (U New South Wales): “International Copyright, Editorial Method and Conceptions of the Work”

Peter Shillingsburg (De Montfort U): “The bibliographical, textual, and historical lives of Darwin’s Origin of Species

A2 Future of Scholarly Editing I. Chair: Laurel Brake (Birkbeck College). (Room 714)

Alan Galey (U of Alberta):  “Networks of Deep Impression: From Theories of the Archive to Practices in Digital Scholarly Editing”

David Gants (U of New Brunswick): “Textual Gobos: Shaping Electronic Editions for Different Audiences”

Suzanne Gossett (Loyola U of Chicago): “The scholarly edition and its textual environment—whose works? what format?”

Eugene Lyman (Boston U): “A Spoil Heap of Editorial Effort? Some Challenges for Digital Editions”

A3 Textualizing the Self. Chair: Edward Burns (William Paterson). (Room 704)

Zoe Bolton (Lancaster U): “What is a Letter? Defining Familiar Epistolary Form”

Archie Burnett (Boston U): “Editing A. E. Housman’s Letters”

John K. Young (Marshall U): “Versions of Narrative Ethics in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Steve Lukits (Royal Military College of Canada):  “‘All Passion Spent’: Writing to Heal the Wounds of War”

A4 Queer Editing I. Chair: Marilee Lindemann (U of Maryland). (Room 712)

John Bryant (Hofstra U): “Rewriting Moby-Dick: The Ethics of Editing”

Katherine D. Harris (San Jose State U): “Diseased Hypertextuality: Revising the Canon with an Epidemic of Annuals”

Jeffrey Masten (Northwestern U): “All is not glossed”

A5 The Modernist Material Text: Gender, Politics, Versions. Chair: Jonathan Allison (U of Kentucky). (Room 711)
Russell McDonald (U of Michigan): “D. H. Lawrence and Cross-Gender Collaboration: A New View of the Cambridge Lawrence”

Jenny Sorensen (U of Michigan): “Virginia Woolf’s Play with Genre and the Material Text: Taking Flush Seriously

Olivia Bustion (U of Michigan): “Gender and Literary Priority in Three Early Poems by Marianne Moore”

Jamie Olson (U of Michigan): “Cosmopolitanism and the Material Text in Seamus Heaney”

A6 Imprinting the Text. Chair: Andrew Stauffer (Boston U). (Room 705)

Mark Bland (De Montfort U): “The Imperfect Texts of Ben Jonson’s ‘The Forrest'”

Randall McLeod (Erindale College): “The Librarynth: A dissertation upon A Dissertation Upon the Epistles of Phalaris by Richard Bentley by random cloud”

Adele Davidson (Kenyon College): “Paging King Lear: The Folio in the Printing House”

R. Carter Hailey (The College of William and Mary): “Minding the Gaps: The Problem of Uncertainly Dated Short Title Catalogue Imprints (and a possible solution)”

LUNCH 1:00-2:00

2:15-4:15 B Sessions

B1 Archives of the Future I. Chair: Peter Robinson (Birmingham U). (Room 713)

Karsten Kynde (Soren Kierkegaard Research Center) and Kim Ravn (Soren Kierkegaard Research Center): “From the Bibliomaniac Nerd to the Resource File”

Jennifer Stertzer (U of Virginia): “The Digitization of George Washington’s Papers”

Jeff Drouin (CUNY Graduate Center): “The Ecclesiastical Proust Archive”

B2 Image Music Text: Collisions and Collusions. Chair: Amanda Golden (U of Washington). (Room 711)

Mirona Magearu (U of Maryland): “The Celebration of the Verbal, Visual, and Musical Expressions in Jason Nelson’s ‘Hymns of the Drowning Swimmer'”

Magdelyn Hammond (U of Maryland): “Word and Image: ‘All of a piece’—Ted Hughes and Leonard Baskin’s Correspondence Collaboration and the Making of Capriccio

Paige Morgan (U of Washington): “Textually Conjoined Twins and Economic Apocalypses: a new perspective on William Blake’s The Four Zoas

B3 Digital Textuality. Chair: Neil Fraistat (U of Maryland). (Room 714)

Steven E. Jones (Loyola Chicago U): “The Meaning of Video Games: A Textual Studies Approach”

Matthew Kirschenbaum (U of Maryland): “Shall These Bits Live?”

Geoffrey Rockwell (McMaster U): “The Text of Tools: Text Analysis and the Interpretation of Texts”

B4 Reading the Paratext. Chair: Mark Bland (De Montfort U). (Room 704)

Sherri Geller (Bucknell U): “How ‘A Prose to the Reader’ Becomes a Preface: Or, How Alterations to Paratext Transform Primary Text into Paratext in the 1571 and 1938 Versions of A Mirror for Magistrates

Laura Wells Betz (Loyola College, Maryland): “Finding a (Paratextual) Place: Materiality and Authorial Voice in Thomas Chatterton’s ‘An Excelente Balade of Charitie'”

Heather Blatt (Fordham U): “Reading History and Material Interactivity in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance: the Evidence of the Bookmark”

Edward H. Cohen (Rollins College): “The Production of the 1918 Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins.

B5 Textual Histories. Chair: Todd Rygh (U of Washington). (Room 712)

Thomas J. Heffernan (U of Tennessee): “Theology and Literary Allusion as a Means of Discerning the Original Language of Composition of the Passio Sanctarum Perpetuae et Felicitatis”

Kathryn Will (U of Michigan): “John Foxe and the Making of Memory: The 1570 Actes and Monuments

Timothy Webb (U of Bristol): “Reading in Context: Pound, Woolf, and the Little Review

Marcia Epstein Allentuck (CUNY): “Ruins and Texts: The Cases of Tintern Abbey in England”

B6 Renegotiating Textual Boundaries in Digital Environments. Chair: Amanda Gailey (Washington U, St. Louis). (Room 705)

Amanda Gailey (Washington U, St. Louis): “The Campbell House Project: Editing Texts in a Culture-Mapping Environment”

Brett Barney (U of Nebraska—Lincoln): “Getting on the Map: Textual Editors in the Digital Environment”

Elizabeth Lorang (U of Nebraska—Lincoln): “Periodicals and the Preservation of the Textual Environment

4:30-6:30 Plenary 2: Textual Ruins. Chair: David C. Greetham (CUNY). (Room 703)

Susan Howe (SUNY Buffalo): “Charles Sanders Pierce: Symbolic Logic and Poetry”

Lewis Lockwood (Harvard U): “Beethoven’s Miniatures”

Richard Sieburth (New York U): “Tempus loquendi, tempus tacendi: On Late Pound”

Friday, March 16, 2007

8:15-8:30 Registration/Coffee. (Outside Room 703)

8:45-10:45 Plenary 3: Textual Environments. Chair: Brenda Silver (Dartmouth College). (Room 703)

Marjorie Levinson (U of Michigan): “Still Life with References: ‘The Poems of Our Climate'”

Cary Wolfe (Rice U): “Systems Theory and. . . Poetry!?!”

Patricia Yaeger (U of Michigan): “Trash; Unraveling Form”

11:00-1:00 C Sessions

C1 Where are Hamlet and “Lycidas”?: Questions of Value in Textual Studies. Chair: Matthew P. Brown (U of Iowa). (Room 704)

Matthew P. Brown (U of Iowa): “The Index, the Abecedary, and the Record: An Aesthetics of Psalm Culture in Early New England”

Coleman Hutchison (U of Texas at Austin): “‘A Very Ordinary Culture’: The Nineteenth-Century Songster and the Practice of Everyday Song”

Meredith L. McGill (Rutgers U): “Copyright, Literary Value, and the Order of Texts”

C2 Pictured Text: Visual-Verbal Relations in the 19th Century. Chair: Nicholas Frankel (Virginia Commonwealth U). (Room 712)

Linda M. Shires (Syracuse U): “Text, Image, and the Reader-Viewer: J.M.W. Turner and D.G. Rossetti”

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra (Ryerson U): “Tennyson’s ‘The Window; or, The Songs of the Wrens’: Textual Fragments of a Failed Collaboration in Poetry, Painting and Music”

Jen Bervin (New York U): “A Specific Grace—Emily Dickinson’s Terms of Engagement Become Us”

C3 Futures of Scholarly Editing II.  Chair: T. H. Howard-Hill (Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, U of South Carolina). (Room 714)

Andrew Stauffer (Boston U): “The Digital End of the Scholarly Edition”

Barbara Bordalejo (Birmingham U): “Old Books, New Books, and the Definition of Bibliography for the 21st Century)”

Peter Robinson (Birmingham U): “Making the Book of the Future with Codex Sinaiticus”

C4 Musical Text. Chair: Yvonne Elet (New York U). (Room 713)

Philip Gossett (U of Chicago): “Verdi’s La forza del destino: editing the historical stages”

Catherine Paul (Clemson U): “Ezra Pound’s Vivaldi Papers: A Poet’s Editing of Music & the Textual Culture of the Vivaldi Revival”

Ronald Broude (Broude Trust): “Performance as Metaphor and Model in Textual Criticism”

C5 Editing Journalism: the Past in the Present. Chair: Jim Mussell (Birkbeck College). (Room 711)

Laurel Brake (Birkbeck College): “Periodical problems: clusters, runs, and editions”

John Stokes (King’s College London) and Mark Turner (King’s College London): “Editing Journalism: The Case of Oscar Wilde”

Jim Mussell (Birkbeck College) and Suzanne Paylor (Birkbeck College): “From Life on the Shelves to Digital Shelf-Life: Representing Journalism as an Historical Artefact in the Digital Domain”

C6 Queer Editing II. Chair: Martha Nell Smith (U of Maryland). (Room 705)

Marta Werner (D’Youville College) and Nicholas Lawrence (Warwick U): “The Eye of Type: Helen Keller, Collaboration, and the Ocularcentrism of Textual Editing”

Jay Grossman (Northwestern U): “Reckoning Calamus

Robin Schulze (Penn State U): “Marianne Moore and Why Editing Matters”

Martha Nell Smith (U of Maryland): “Multiply and Contradictorily Authoritative: Democratizing Editorial Methods and Rigor”

LUNCH 1:00-2:00 p.m.

2:15-4:15 D Sessions

D1 Visual Text. Chair: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt (New York U). (Room 705)

Nadeem Omar (National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan): “Describing Miniature Painting in Illuminated Manuscripts: The Transformation of a Genre”

Meg Roland (Marylhurst U): “William Caxton’s Myrrour of the Worlde: Early Print Production of Imagined Space”

Malcolm Ashmore (Loughborough U, UK) and Thomas Wahl (Malardalens U, Sweden): “Text’s Look: Practising Visual Letteracy”

Yvonne Elet (New York U): “Rhetorical visuality in early modern Rome: text and the genesis of Raphael’s Villa Madama”

D2 Psychic Connections I: Editors and Writers Choosing Each Other. Chair: Barbara Oberg (Princeton U). (Room 714)

David C. Greetham (CUNY): “Uncoupled, Or How I Lost My Author(s)”

W. Speed Hill (CUNY): “A Sip from the Well of Acknowledgment”

Donald Reiman (U of Delaware): “Means and Ends”

Jack Stillinger (U of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign): “Keats and Me”

D3 Archives of the Future II. Chair: Marita Mathijsen-Verkooijen (U of Amsterdam). (Room 711)

Matthew T. Sneider (U of Massachusetts-Dartmouth) and Rala I. Diakite (Fitchburg State College): “Giovanni Villani’s New Chronicle: The Creation and Use of a Digital Text”

William E. Coleman (John Jay College and The Graduate Center, CUNY): “Boccaccio’s Two Settings for the ‘Teseida'”

Jan Gielkens (Huygens Instituut, The Hague) and Peter Kegel (Huygens Instituut, The Hague): “The Best of Both Worlds: Publishing the Complete Works of Willem Frederik Hermans”

Shawn Martin (U of Michigan): “A Universal Text Editing Project: Pipe Dream of Prospective Future”

D4 Textual Studies at Texas A&M. Chair:  Gary Stringer (Texas A&M). (Room 704)

Donald Dickson (Texas A & M U): “Editing Metempsychosis for the Donne Variorum”

Chris Garrett (Texas A & M U): “Musing on Mutant Meditations in the Variant Editions of Divine Breathings

Maura Ives (Texas A & M U): “Christina Rossetti, Emanuel Aguilar, and the Collaborative Text of ‘Goblin Market, Cantata'”

D5 Textual Scholarship at the Margins. Chair: Maureen E. Mulvihill (Princeton Research Forum, Princeton, NJ) . (Room 712)

Elizabeth Harlan (George Washington U): “The Unique Difficulties of Editing Children’s Literature”

Laura Rattray (U of Hull): “Editing the Unpublished Writings of Edith Wharton”

Amanda Golden (U of Washington): “The Shape of the Line”

D6 Editing in Time. Chair: David Gants (U of New Brunswick). (Room 713)

John Bryant (Hofstra U): “Melville’s Typee and Editing Revision, Etc.”

John Gouws (Rhodes University): “Textual Culture and the Vicissitudes of Time: A Case Study of Fulke Greville”

Dirk Van Hulle (U of Antwerp): “Editing Krapp: Beckett’s endgames with textual anthropomorphism”

Nick Hayward (De Montfort U): “Digitising Woolf: An Electronic Edition and Commentary on Virginia Woolf’s Time Passes

4:30-6:00 Plenary 4. Chair: Nicholas Frankel (Virginia Commonwealth U). (Room 703)

Oleg Grabar, “The Page as a Work of Art” (with reference to calligraphy in Persian & Arabic texts)

STS BANQUET: 7:00-10:00 p.m. —Harvard Club of New York (27 West 44th Street)

Saturday, March 17

8:15-8:30 Registration. (Outside Room 703)

8:45-10:45 E Sessions

E1 Psychic (Dis)connections. Chair: Marta Werner (D’Youville College). (Room 714)

Jerome J. McGann (U of Virginia): “The Way of Ignorance”

J. C. C.  Mays (University College Dublin): “Uncalculated Variance”

Christopher Ricks (Boston U): “Neurosis and Editing”

E2 Digital Textual Studies at Texas A&M. Chair:  Maura Ives (Texas A&M U). (Room 713)

Eduardo Urbina (Texas A & M U): “Re-imag[en]ing Cervantes’ Don Quixote: a Taxonomic Approach to Editing Visual Materials in a Hypertextual Archive”

Amy Earhart (Texas A & M U): “Visualizing the Text: New Interfaces in the 19th-Century Concord Digital Archive”

Gary Stringer (Texas A & M U): “Digital Donne: Text, Images, and Analytical Tools,”

E3 Marginalia, Correspondence, and Poems in Periodicals: The Next Stages of Development for the Walt Whitman Archive. Chair: Kenneth M. Price (Co-director, Walt Whitman Archive; U of Nebraska). (Room 711)

Ted Genoways (U of Virginia): “Editing Whitman’s Correspondence”

Elizabeth Lorang (U of Nebraska-Lincoln): “Editing Whitman’s Poems in Periodicals”

Matt Cohen (Duke U): “Whitman on Edge: Digitizing Manuscript Marginalia”

E4 Editing, Scribal Culture, and National Identity. Chair: John K. Young (Marshall U). (Room 704)

Herman Brinkman (Huygens Institute, The Hague): “Editing Medieval Miscellanies from the Low Countries and the Recanonisation of Middle Dutch Literature”

Daniel O’Sullivan (U of Mississippi): “Debating Thibaut de Champagne in Paris, BnF French 844 and Paris, Arsenal 5198”

Marita Mathijsen-Verkooijen (U of Amsterdam): “Editors Building a Nation”

Maureen E. Mulvihill (Princeton Research Forum, NJ, and Advisory Editor, Encyclopedia of Irish-American Relations: “Early Irish Women Writers & National Identity Formation: A Second Report on a Developing Project (with exhibits)”

E5 Drafting the Text. Chair: Matthew Kirschenbaum (U of Maryland). (Room 705)

Sally Bushell (Lancaster U, UK): “First Draft”

Wim Van Mierlo (U of London): “What Poem is a Well Wrought Urn? The Question of Aesthetics in Textual Scholarship and the History of the Book”

Mark Hussey (Pace U): “Should Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts Have Been Published?”

E6 Textual Objects, Textual Versions. Chair: Catherine Paul (Clemson U). (Room 712)

Tim Hunt (Illinois State U): “Kerouac’s On the Road: Typetalking and Textuality”

Geoffrey D. Smith (Ohio State U Libraries): “Boys Will Be Boys: Editing William S. Burroughs’ The Revised Boy Scout Manual

Robin Schulze (Penn State U): “Degeneracy and Manliness: Pound’s Revisions of ‘Contemporania'”

11:00-12.45: Special Session: In Memoriam Richard J. Finneran. Chair: Margaret Mills Harper (Georgia State U). (Room 703)
George Bornstein (U of Michigan): “What Does a Collected Edition Collect?”

Jonathan Allison (U of Kentucky): “Selected and Collected Poems of Louis MacNeice”

Nancy Goslee (U of Tennessee): “The Devil’s in the Details: Taking a Page from Shelley’s ‘Adonais’ Drafts”

Elizabeth Loizeaux (U of Maryland): respondent

LUNCH 12:45-1:45

1.45-3.45 F Sessions

F1 Text Work in the Digital Age, Part 2. Chair: Brenda Silver (Dartmouth College). (Room 714)

Alice Gambrell (U of Southern California): “Not Safe for Work: The Medium in the Office”

Sandy Baldwin (West Virginia U, Center for Literary Computing): “The Work of Code: Ruptured Mediacy, Spammed Texts”

Rita Raley (U of California at Santa Barbara): “New Reading Interfaces”

F2 Editing Excess. Chair: Dan O’Sullivan (U of Mississippi). (Room 705)

Rebecca Wiseman (U of Michigan): “Reading Communities and Paratext in the Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia, 1590-1621″

Malcolm Ashmore (Loughborough U, UK) and Olga Restrepo Forero (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia): “Constructing ‘The Lovers’ Analysis’: On being protagonists, analysts and editors, all-at-once”

Verna Kale (Penn State U): “A Clean, Well-Edited Text: Textual Theory, Consensus and Emendation”

F3 Textual Studies: The Next Generation (Papers by Students in the

the University of Washington’s Textual Studies Program). Chair: Paige Morgan (U of Washington). (Room 704)

Todd Rygh (U of Washington), “Reading the Differences: Chaucerian Codicology and the Structure of The Canterbury Tales”

Ileana Marin (U of Washington): “Experimental Reading: Rosetti’s Sonnets for Pictures—A Multimedia Edition”

Matthew James Vechinski (U of Washington): “Retelling the Odyssey:  From Oral Tradition to Literary Parody”

F4 Textual Gaps and Aporias. Chair: Maura Ives (Texas A&M U). (Room 712)

Anthony Martin (Waseda U, Japan): “Pauses, Stops, and Points: The Treatment of Accidental Variants in Electronic Editing”

Andrew Pitts (McMaster U) and Sean A. Adams (McMaster U): “Implementing an Algorithm for Detecting Paragraph Division in Narrative Greek Discourse using the OpenText.org Database”

Sean Ryder (National U of Ireland, Galway): “Editing for Contingency: Moore, Mangan and the Irish Nineteenth Century”

William Hogan (Providence College): “Gold, Green, Red, Black: Editing Yeats’s Helmet Plays for the Cornell Yeats”

F5 Social Text/Global Text. Chair: John K. Young (Marshall U). (Room 711)

Carol Siri Johnson (New Jersey Institute of Technology): “The Steel Bible: The Evolution of an Industrial Text”

Mary Ellis Gibson (U of North Carolina at Greensboro):  “Textual Ruins and the Detritus of Empire: Nineteenth-century English Language Poetry in Indian Archives”

Jeffrey B. Berlin (Holy Family U): “Ben Huebsch: On Editing, Writing, and the Viking Press (With Unpublished Correspondence)”

Ruth Panofsky (Ryerson U): “‘The function is obstetrical’: Editors John Cameron Saul and Kildare Dobbs of the Macmillan Company of Canada”

F6 Textual Science. Chair: Amanda Golden (U of Washington). (Room 713)

Elizabeth Lyman (Harvard U): “Cognitive Approaches to Textual Design”

Gabrielle Dean (U of Washington): “Grid Games: Gertrude Stein’s Diagrams and Detectives”

Sima Daad (U of Washington): “The Proportion of Art and Science in Qazvini’s Critical Editing of Four Persian Classical Texts”

Paul A. Marquis (St. Francis Xavier U): “Science, Truth and Uncertainty in Bibliography”

4:00-5:30 p.m.: (G) Roundtable Sessions

G1 Pedagogy and Textual Studies Roundtable. Chair: Maura Ives (Texas A&M U). (Room 703)

Dan O’Sullivan (U of Mississippi): “Teaching Pre-print Textuality to Post-print Students”

Katherine D. Harris (San Jose State U): “Sneaking it In: Teaching Textual Studies without Teaching Textual Studies”

John K. Young (Marshall U): “Textual Instability and Undergraduates”

Martha Nell Smith (U of Maryland): “Back to the Future: Teaching Manuscripts to Undergraduates”

Archie Burnett (Boston U): “Boston University’s Editorial Institute, and one of its Courses”

G2 Editorial Institute (BU) Roundtable: A presentation of graduates’ editorial work in different fields. Chair: Frances Whistler (Boston U, Editorial Institute). (Room 714)

James Jayo (Boston U, Editorial Institute, MA 2001)

Yasuko Okada (Boston U, Editorial Institute, MA 2004)

Josephine Packard (Boston U, Editorial Institute, MA 2005)

James Sitar (Boston U, Editorial Institute, Ph.D., in preparation)

5.30 – 7:00 p.m.: Post-conference Celebration — Library, NYU’s Kevorkian Center, 50 Washington Square South