2016 Conference Program

Society for Textual Scholarship
International Interdisciplinary Conference: “Textual Ecologies”

14-16 April 2016
Carleton University
Conference Location: Lord Elgin Hotel, Ottawa

President: Robin Schulze (U of Delaware)
Executive Director: John Young (Marshall U.)
Program Co-Chairs: Sarah Brouillette and Travis DeCook (Carleton U)

Thursday, 14 April 2016

1:00-5:00: Registration (main lobby of the Lord Elgin Hotel)

2.30-4:00: Session 1

Workshop (St Laurent): “Introduction to Digital Forensics: Hard Drive Philology,” hosted by Thorsten Ries (U of Ghent)



Science-Fiction Textual Ecologies (Laurier)

Chair: Brian Johnson (Carleton U)

Guy Risko (Bard Early College): “Trilogic Ecologies: Consumption and Closure in the MaddAddam Trilogy”

Veronika Kratz (Carleton U): “Terraforming the Genre: The Birth of Ecological Sci-Fi through Frank Herbert’s Dune


1c. (Pearson)

Race and Media

Chair: Janice Schroeder (Carleton U)

John Young (Marshall U): “Publishing Whiteness”

Valerie Kasper (Saint Leo U): “The Resonance and Residue of the First African American Newspaper: How Freedom’s Journal Created Space in the Early 19th Century”


4:15-5:15: Keynote 1 (Pearson)

Chair: Travis DeCook (Carleton U)

Yung-Hsing Wu (U of Louisiana): “Amazon in the Service of Reading”


5:15-6:30: Opening reception (Pearson foyer)


Friday, 15 April 2016

8:15-1:00 Registration (main lobby of Lord Elgin)

8:30-10:00: Session 2

2a. (Pearson)

Developments in Editing

Chair: Donald Beecher (Carleton U)

George Bornstein (U of Michigan): Title TBA

Alan Galey (U of Toronto): “Textual Scholarship in the Wild: the Digital Curation of Bootleg Concert Recordings”

Paul Eggert (Loyola U Chicago): “Version Editing of a Romantic Poet”


2b. (St Laurent)

Early Modern Women’s Textual Ecologies

Chair: Victoria Burke (U of Ottawa)

Cordelia Zukerman (U of Michigan): “Labor, Service, and the Early Modern Personal Letter”

Sharon Engbrecht (McGill U): “Early Modern Sermon Culture: the ‘Monstrous Marriage’ in Thomas Middleton’s A Chaste Maid in Cheapside

Elisa Tersigni (U of Toronto): “The Textual Lives of Anne Askew”


10:00-10:15: Coffee Break (Pearson)


10:15-11:45: Session 3


3a. (Laurier)

Indigenous and Settler Textuality

Chair: Steve McLeod (Carleton U)

Germaine Warkentin (U of Toronto): “Thinking Inside the Book: the case of the Cheyenne Letter”

Renée Jackson-Harper (York U): “Lyrics of Settling or Staying: Nancy Holmes and Ethics of Writing Place”


3b. (Pearson)

Roundtable on the Role of the Scholarly Edition in the Digital Age

Chair: John Young (Marshall U)

Barbara Bordalejo, U of Leuven

Susan Brown, U of Guelph

John Bryant, Hofstra U

Alan Galey, U of Toronto

Peter Robinson, U of Saskatchewan


11:45 am-1:00: Lunch break; STS Board Meeting (Pearson)


1:00-2:30 pm: Session 4


4a. (Pearson)

Defining Textual Scholarship and Textual Criticism

Chair: TBA

Ronald Broude (The Broude Trust): “The Second Oldest Profession: A Critical History of Textual Criticism”

David Greetham (CUNY Graduate Center): “Boundaries Within and Without Textual Scholarship


4b. (Laurier)

The Possibilities and Limitations of Digital Editions

Chair: TBA

Barbara Bordalejo (U of Leuven): “Scholarly Editing and Digital Scholarly Editing”

April Witt (Indiana U): “Novel Histories: Digital Editions’ Challenges for Theories of Period and Genre”

Peter Robinson (U of Saskatchewan): “Is a crowd-sourced edition a ‘social edition’? Is a ‘social edition’ an edition?”


4c. (St Laurent)

The Material Text

Chair: Bridgette Brown (Carleton U)

Mateusz Antoniuk (Jagiellonian U): “The Draft in an Environment: Towards a ‘Worldly Genetic Criticism’”

Randall McLeod (U of Toronto): “The Invisible Book”

Michelangelo Zaccarello (U of Verona): “‘Emendatio’ in the Digital Age: OCR-based errors in some e-texts of early Italian authors”


2:45-4.15: Session 5


5a. (Laurier)

Social Media and Cultural Production

Chair: Sarah Brouillette (Carleton U)

Christopher Doody (Carleton U): “‘Was This Review Helpful to You?’:Towards a Methodology for Using Amazon Reviews”

Allie Watson (Carleton U): “Macho-Nerdom and Other By-Products: Coaxed and Selected Expression Online”

Scott Cleland (Carleton U): “Go-Go Gadgets: the Development of Personal Empire – Instagram as Branding Tool”


5b. (St Laurent)

New Forms of Cultural Production in the Digital Realm

Chair: Adrien Robertson (Carleton U)

Patricia O’Neill (Hamilton College): “Poetry and Computers: Questions of Making and Meaning”

Elyse Graham (SUNY Stony Brook): “Gamification and Textual Environments”

Thorsten Ries (Ghent U): “Textual Genetic Philology and Digital Forensics: Reconstructing and Analyzing the Hybrid Analog-Digital Dossier Génétique of Thomas Kling’s Bacchic Epiphanies – Project ‘Prehistory Stimulation’


4.30-5:30: Keynote II (Pearson)

Chair: Sarah Brouillette (Carleton U)

Rashmi Sadana (George Mason U): “Reading Delhi, Writing Delhi: Towards an Ethnography of Literature”


6:30-9:00: Banquet (Macdonald)


Saturday, 16 April 2016


8:15-1:00: Registration (main lobby of Lord Elgin)

8:30-10:00 Session 6


6a. (Pearson)

Publishing and the Literary Field

Chair: John Young (Marshall U)

Melissa Dinverno (Indiana U): “Textual Ecologies: Lorca, Publication, and the Little Presses in Spain (1920-1936)”

Andrew Connolly (Carleton U): “Spiritual Readers”

Zeynep Seviner (Bilkent U): “The Economics of Literature in the Ottoman Capital: Journalistic Entrepreneurialism and the Many Facets of Authorship in Istanbul during the late 19th century”


6b. (St Laurent)

Editorial Interventions

Chair: Alan Galey (U of Toronto)

Wojciech Kruszewski (John Paul II Catholic U of Lublin / U of Ottawa): “The Intentionality of the Medium: on the Margins of ‘Introduction to the History of Lithuania’ by Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski

Tatevik Nersisyan (Queen’s U): “Quest for an Elusive Text: The Bibliographic Shakespeare”


6c. (Laurier)

Spatial Ecologies of Fashion

Chair: Susan Ingram (York U)

Jennifer Sweeney (Binghamton U): “Anzia Yezierska’s Sweatshop Socialism: Ready-to-Wear Fashion and the Industrialization of Sartorial Style”

Joshua Trichilo (York U): “Studs, Sweat, and Tears: The Body Politics of Indonesia Punk Fashion and Its International Coverage”

Elena Siemens (U of Alberta): “The Catwalk and the Sidewalk: Textual Ecologies of the Fashion Exhibition”


10:15-11:45: Session 7


7a. (Pearson)

Unpredictable Pieties of the Text: Three Early Modern Christian Practices

Chair: Travis DeCook (Carleton U)

Michael Driedger (Brock U): “Half-fulfilling Prophecies of the Radical Reformation: From Confessional Polemic to Academic Meme”

Paul Nelles (Carleton U): “The Writing on the Wall: Scribal Viruosity in Sistine Rome”

Johannes Wolfart (Carleton U): “The Enchantment of the Hand: Calligraphy of the Sacred and Social Ritual Among Early German Protestants”


7b. (St Laurent)

Visual and Textual Interactions

Chair: David Thomas (Carleton U)

Gabrielle Dean (Johns Hopkins U): “Poe Not Poe: Spurious Portraits and the Image of the Author”

Dessa Bayrock (Carleton U): “An environment of word and image: The Value of Theory in Visual Vignettes”


7c. (Laurier)

Workshop: “An Introduction to Version Control with Git,” hosted by Jonathan Reeve (Columbia U)


11:45 am-1:00: Lunch break

1:00-2:30 pm: Session 8


8a. (Pearson)

Producing Digital Editions

Chair: Adam Benn (Carleton U)

Robin Schulze (U of Delaware): “What’s in a Notebook?: Toward a Digital Edition of Marianne Moore’s Creative Process”

Jonathan Reeve (Columbia U): “Applications of Distributed Version Control Technology to the Creation of Digital Scholarly Editions”

Gene Lyman (Independent Scholar): “W[h]ither Reliability? Scholarly Editions in a Digital Landscape”


8b. (Laurier)

Workshop: “Mapping a Digital Archive of Big Science,” hosted by Elyse Graham (SUNY Stony Brook) and Robert Crease (SUNY Stony Brook)


2:45-4.15: Session 9


9a. (St Laurent)

Cultural Capital and the Literary Field

Chair: Chris Doody (Carleton U)

John Coleman (Carleton U): “Meritocracy and Contemporary Literary Economies in the UK”

Robert Hutton (Carleton U): “Blood and Thunder: The Comics Journal and ‘Literary’ Comics”

Jody Mason (Carleton U): “The Giller Complex and Literacy’s Freedom”


4:30-5:30: Keynote III (Pearson)

Chair: Julie Murray (Carleton U)

Deidre Lynch (Harvard U): “Beauties and Scraps”