Board Members and Information

President: (2019-2021)
H. Wayne Storey, Indiana University
hstorey [at] indiana [dot] edu

Executive Director:
John K. Young, Marshall  University, English
youngj [at] marshall [dot] edu

Andy Reynolds, West Texas A&M University, Spanish
areynolds [at] wtamu [dot] edu

Russell McDonald, Georgian Court University
rmcdonald [at] georgian [dot] edu

Website Administration:

Society for Textual Scholarship Executive Board

Class of 2015-17

Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt, New York University, Art History

Matt Cohen, University of Texas at Austin, English

Raimonda Modiano, University of Washington, English & Comparative Literature

Marta Werner, D’Youville College, English

Class of 2016-18

Margo Natalie Crawford, Cornell University, English

Gabrielle Dean, Johns Hopkins University Libraries

Melissa Dinverno, Indiana University, Spanish

Alan Galey, University of Toronto, Faculty of Information

Class of 2017-19

Amanda Gailey, University of Nebraska, English

Coleman Hutchison, University of Texas at Austin, English

Andrew Jewell, University of Nebraska, Libraries & Digital Projects

Doug Reside, New York Public Library, Performing Arts

Affiliate Board Members

Alvaro Barbieri, University of Padova

George Bornstein, University of Michigan

Ronald Broude, The Broude Trust

Archie Burnett, Boston University

Ed Burns, William Paterson College

Paul Eggert, University of New South Wales

Nancy Goslee, University of Tennessee

Phillip Gossett, University of Chicago

D. C. Greetham, CUNY Graduate Center, Emeritus

David Holdeman, University of North Texas

Jerome J. McGann, University of Virginia

Barbara Oberg, Princeton University

Kenneth Price, University of Nebraska

Donald H. Reiman, University of Delaware, Emeritus

Robin Schulze, University of Delaware

Dirk Van Hulle, University of Antwerp [European Society for Textual Scholarship affiliate]

Peter Shillingsburg, Loyola University

H. Wayne Storey, University of Indiana [Founding Editor, Textual Cultures]

Daniel O’Sullivan, University of Mississippi [Editor, Textual Cultures]

G. Thomas Tanselle, Guggenheim Foundation

James L. West III, Penn State University

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