Textual Cultures: Texts, Context, Interpretation

From its origins in 1983 as the collected papers of a small but innovative group of specialists in the area of textual editing (TEXT: An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies), the Society for Textual Scholarship’s journal has led the way in opening the Anglo-American discussion in the emerging field of textual studies. Textual Cultures continues the tradition of TEXT but with an ever more inclusive and a multi-voiced approach not just to issues of textual editing and redefinitions of textuality, but to the notion of the diverse textual cultures in which these definitions and our approaches develop and evolve. The endeavor of Textual Cultures to investigate the meaning and implications of textuality is designed to widen our understanding of how new developments in fields like codicology, material philology, art history, musicology and cultural studies are redefining and integrating our notions of what constitutes a text in diverse cultural contexts.

Textual Cultures is published twice a year. We invite essays from scholars around the world in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. All articles will appear also with abstracts in English. The submission process is now electronic, and authors are asked to submit essays for consideration in BOTH of the following ways:

(1) by email attachment to Dan O’Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, at deosullivan3@gmail.com


(2) through the IUScholarWorks website at http://scholarworks.iu.edu/journals/index.php/textual

In order to successfully complete the submission process, all authors must first register themselves as users. Following registration, articles may be attached in Microsoft Word files.  For more information, please contact us at TextualCultures@gmail.com.

Essays should follow the Chicago Manual of Style’s “B citational style” with abbreviated author, date, page references in parentheses coordinated with a list of works cited. Footnotes should be reserved for additional discussion.

Works for review should be sent to the appropriate sectional editor. Works published in the North and South America, Australia and the United Kingdom should be sent to:

Daniel O’Sullivan (dosulliv@olemiss.edu)
Department of Modern Languages
Bondurant Hall C-115
The University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677-1848

Works published in Europe, Asia and Africa should be sent to:

Alvaro Barbieri (alvaro.barbieri@unipd.it)
Stradella dei Stalli, 4
36100 Vicenza

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