Society for Textual Scholarship
International Interdisciplinary Conference: “Textual Ecologies”

14-16 April 2016
Carleton University
Conference Location: Lord Elgin Hotel, Ottawa

President: Robin Schulze (U of Delaware)
Executive Director: John Young (Marshall U.)
Program Co-Chairs: Sarah Brouillette and Travis DeCook (Carleton U)

To register for the conference please visit the 2016 conference registration page:

All participants in the STS 2016 conference must be members of STS. For information about membership, please visit the Society’s membership page, at http://textualsociety.org/membership-information/.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

1:00-5:00: Registration (main lobby of the Lord Elgin Hotel)

2.30-4:00: Session 1

Workshop (St Laurent): “Introduction to Digital Forensics: Hard Drive Philology,” hosted by Thorsten Ries (U of Ghent)

Science-Fiction Textual Ecologies (Laurier)
Chair TBA
Guy Risko (Bard Early College): “Trilogic Ecologies: Consumption and Closure in the MaddAddam Trilogy”
Veronika Kratz (Carleton U): “Terraforming the Genre: The Birth of Ecological Sci-Fi through Frank Herbert’s Dune

4:00-5:00: Keynote 1 (Pearson) / Yung-Hsing Wu (U of Louisiana): Title TBA

5:00-6:30: Opening reception (location TBA)

Friday, 15 April 2016

8:15-1:00 Registration (main lobby of Lord Elgin)

8:30-10:00 Session 2

2a. (Pearson)
Developments in Editing
Chair TBA
George Bornstein (U of Michigan): “Editing Yeats Revising Yeats: the New Edition of ‘The Wild Swans at Coole’ Volume”
Alan Galey (U of Toronto): “Textual Scholarship in the Wild: the Digital Curation of Bootleg Concert Recordings”
Paul Eggert (Loyola U Chicago): “Version Editing of a Romantic Poet”

2b. (Laurier)
New Approaches to Genetic Criticism
Chair TBA
Mateusz Antoniuk (Jagiellonian U): “The Draft in (and as) an Environment: Towards a ‘Worldly Genetic Criticism’”
Thorsten Ries (U. Ghent): “Textual Genetic Philology and Digital Forensics: Reconstructing and Analyzing the Hybrid Analog-Digital Dossier Génétique of Thomas Kling’s Bacchic Epiphanies – Project ‘Prehistory Stimulation’”

2c. (St Laurent)
Early Modern Women’s Textual Ecologies
Chair TBA
Cordelia Zukerman (U. of Michigan): “Labor, Service, and the Early Modern Personal Letter”
Sharon Engbrecht (McGill U.): “Early Modern Sermon Culture: the ‘Monstrous Marriage’ in Thomas Middleton’s A Chaste Maid in Cheapside”
Elisa Tersigni (U. of Toronto): “The Textual Lives of Anne Askew”

10:15-11:45: Session 3

3a. (Laurier)
Indigenous and Settler Textuality
Chair TBA
Germaine Warkentin (U. of Toronto): “Is there a pictographic textuality? The case of the Cheyenne Letter”
Renée Jackson-Harper (York U.): “Lyrics of Settling or Staying: Nancy Holmes and Ethics of Writing Place”

3b. (St Laurent)
Exploring Archives
Chair TBA
Marta Werner (D’Youville College): “Of swerving things: On the Edge of David Peck Todd’s Archives in the Anthropocene”
Philip Kadish (Hunter College): “Miscegenation Lost and Found in the Archive (Twice): The Croly Letter, the Origins of American Anti-Miscegenation, and the Interplay of Archival and Digital Research”

3c. (Pearson)
Roundtable on the Role of the Scholarly Edition in the Digital Age
Barbara Bordalejo, U. of Leuven
Susan Brown, U. of Guelph
John Bryant, Hofstra U.
Alan Galey, U. of Toronto
Peter Robinson, U. of Saskatchewan

11:45 am-1:00: Lunch break; STS Board Meeting (Pearson)

1:00-2:30 pm: Session 4

4a. (Pearson)
Defining Textual Scholarship and Textual Criticism
Ronald Broude (Independent Scholar): “The Second Oldest Profession: A Critical History of Textual Criticism”
David Greetham (CUNY Graduate Center): “Boundaries Within and Without Textual Scholarship

4b. (Laurier)
The Possibilities and Limitations of Digital Editions
Chair TBA
Barbara Bordalejo (U. of Leuven): “Scholarly Editing and Digital Scholarly Editing”
April Witt (Indiana U): “Novel Histories: Digital Editions’ Challenges for Theories of Period and Genre”
Peter Robinson (U. of Saskatchewan): “Is a crowd-sourced edition a ‘social edition’? Is a ‘social edition’ an edition?”

4c. (St Laurent)
Italian Literary Production and the Material Text
Randall McLeod (U. of Toronto): “The Invisible Book”
Michelangelo Zaccarello (U. of Verona): “‘Emendatio’ in the Digital Age: OCR-based errors in some e-texts of early Italian authors”

2:45-4.15: Session 5

5a. (Laurier)
Social Media and Cultural Production
Chair TBA
Christopher Doody (Carleton U.): “‘Was This Review Helpful to You?’:Towards a Methodology for Using Amazon Reviews”
Allie Watson (Carleton U.): “Macho-Nerdom and Other By-Products: Coaxed and Selected Expression Online”
Scott Cleland (Carleton U.): “Go-Go Gadgets: the Development of Personal Empire – Instagram as Branding Tool”

5b. (St Laurent)
New Forms of Cultural Production in the Digital Realm
Chair TBA
Patricia O’Neill (Hamilton College): “Poetry and Computers: Questions of Making and Meaning”
Elyse Graham (SUNY Stony Brook): “Gamification and Textual Environments”

4.30-5:30: Keynote II (Pearson) / Rashmi Sadana (George Mason U)

Saturday, 16 April 2016

8:15-1:00: Registration (main lobby of Lord Elgin)

8:30-10:00 Session 6

6a. (Pearson)
Publishing and the Literary Field
Chair TBA
Melissa Dinverno (Indiana U): “Textual Ecologies: Lorca, Publication, and the Little Presses in Spain (1920-1936)”
Andrew Connolly (Carleton U): “Spiritual Readers”
Zeynep Seviner (Bilkent U): “The Economics of Literature in the Ottoman Capital: Journalistic Entrepreneurialism and the Many Facets of Authorship in Istanbul during the late 19th century”

6b. (St Laurent)
Editorial Interventions
Chair TBA
Carole Gerson (Simon Fraser U): “The Textual Ecology of Samuel Hearne”
Wojciech Kruszewski (John Paul II Catholic U of Lublin / U of Ottawa): “The Intentionality of the Medium: on the Margins of ‘Introduction to the History of Lithuania’ by Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski
Tatevik Nersisyan (Queen’s U): “Quest for an Elusive Text: The Bibliographic Shakespeare”

6c. (Laurier)
Spatial Ecologies of Fashion
Chair: Susan Ingram (York U)
Jennifer Sweeney (Binghamton U): “Anzia Yezierska’s Sweatshop Socialism: Ready-to-Wear Fashion and the Industrialization of Sartorial Style”
Joshua Trichilo (York U): “Studs, Sweat, and Tears: The Body Politics of Indonesia Punk Fashion and Its International Coverage”
Elena Siemens (U of Alberta): “The Catwalk and the Sidewalk: Textual Ecologies of the Fashion Exhibition”

10:15-11:45: Session 7

7a. (Pearson)
Unpredictable Pieties of the Text: Three Early Modern Christian Practices
Chair: Travis DeCook (Carleton U)
Michael Driedger (Brock U): “Half-fulfilling Prophecies of the Radical Reformation: From Confessional Polemic to Academic Meme”
Paul Nelles (Carleton U): “The Writing on the Wall: Scribal Viruosity in Sistine Rome”
Johannes Wolfart (Carleton U): “The Enchantment of the Hand: Calligraphy of the Sacred and Social Ritual Among Early German Protestants”

7b. (St Laurent)
Visual and Textual Interactions
Chair TBA
Gabrielle Dean (Johns Hopkins U): “Poe Not Poe: Spurious Portraits and the Image of the Author”
Dessa Bayrock (Carleton U): “An environment of word and image: The Value of Theory in Visual Vignettes”

7c. (Laurier)
Workshop: “An Introduction to Version Control with Git,” hosted by Jonathan Reeve (Columbia U)

11:45 am-1:00: Lunch break

1:00-2:30 pm: Session 8

8a. (Pearson)
Producing Digital Editions
Chair TBA
Robin Schulze (U of Delaware): “What’s in a Notebook?: Toward a Digital Edition of Marianne Moore’s Creative Process”
Jonathan Reeve (Columbia U): “Applications of Distributed Version Control Technology to the Creation of Digital Scholarly Editions”
Gene Lyman (Independent Scholar): “W[h]ither Reliability? Scholarly Editions in a Digital Landscape”

8b. (St Laurent)
Race and Media
Chair TBA
John Young (Marshall U): “Publishing Whiteness”
Valerie Kasper (Saint Leo U): “The Resonance and Residue of the First African American Newspaper: How Freedom’s Journal Created Space in the Early 19th Century”

8c. (Laurier)
Workshop: “Mapping a Digital Archive of Big Science,” hosted by Elyse Graham (SUNY Stony Brook) and Robert Crease (SUNY Stony Brook)

2:45-4.15: Session 9

9a. (St Laurent)
Cultural Capital and the Literary Field
Chair Sarah Brouillette (Carleton U)
John Coleman (Carleton U): “Meritocracy and Contemporary Literary Economies in the UK”
Robert Hutton (Carleton U): “Blood and Thunder: The Comics Journal and ‘Literary’ Comics”
Jody Mason (Carleton U): “The Giller Complex and Literacy’s Freedom”

9b. (Laurier)
Gender and Cinema
Chair TBA
Hilary Bergen (Concordia U): “‘Kaleidoscopic Visions:’ Gendered Bodies and Early Cinema Technologies”
Hannah Dyer and Monica Eileen Patterson (Carleton U): “Unfinished Narratives and Radical Uncertainties: Celine Sciamma’s Theory of Adolescent Sexuality”

4:30-5:30: Keynote III (Pearson) / Deidre Lynch (Harvard U): Title TBA

For additional information, contact the co-organizers:


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