2014 Conference Program

Society for Textual Scholarship

International Interdisciplinary Conference

March 20-22, 2014

University of Washington


President: Paul Eggert (University of New South Wales)

Executive Director: John Young (Marshall University)

Program Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Todd Knight and Geoffrey Turnovsky (University of Washington)

Program of Events

Thursday 20 March 2014

3:45-5:15 pm: Pre-Conference Workshop

Peterson Room, Allen Library

Indexicality, Visual Poetics, and the Petrarchive: Editing and Interpreting Petrarch

H. Wayne Storey and John Walsh (Indiana University)


5:00-8:00 pm: Registration

Kane Hall, 2nd Floor


5:30-6:30 pm: President’s Reception

Kane Hall 225, Walker-Ames Room


6:30-8:15 pm: Keynote I

Kane Hall 210

Johanna Drucker (UCLA), “Rule-bound and Unruly: Ephemeral Documents and Conditional Texts”

Introduction by Joseph Tennis (University of Washington)

Friday 21 March 2014

8:15 am-4:00 pm: Registration

Husky Union Building (HUB)


8:30-10:00 am: Session 1


HUB 145

Chair: Randall McLeod (University of Toronto)

Alan Farmer (Ohio State University), “Lost Editions: Estimating Ephemerality in the

Early Modern English Book Trade, 1580-1640”

Tara Lyons (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth), “The Dangers of

Commonplacing: Seneca in the English Drama Collection”

Sarah Neville (West Virginia University), “Signs of Skepticism in Early Modern Herbals”


HUB 214

Chair: Matt Cohen (University of Texas)

Sukanta Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University), “Viewing the Elephant: Analyzing Very Large

Textual Objects”

Edward Marx (Ehime University), “Turning Japanese with Yone Noguchi”

Stephanie Schlitz (Bloomsburg University), “Rediscovering Martha Berry: A Case Study

in Participatory Editing and Documentary Discovery”


HUB 337

Chair: Alison Tara Walker (Saint Louis University)

Matt Bellinger (University of Washington), “Error-Oriented Ontology: Failure and

Subjectivity in Digital Texts”

Amanda Gailey (University of Nebraska), “Aggregate Archives and Digital Dump


Nicholas Subtirelu (Georgia State University), “Toxic Speech: Approaches to Modeling

and Moderating Toxic Language in Online Text-Based Environments”


HUB 340

Chair: Beatrice Arduini (University of Washington)

Lorenzo Dell’Oso (University of Notre Dame), “Between Philology and Book History: An

Unpublished Poetry Anthology in a Venetian Manuscript of the Fifteenth Century”

Jelena Todorovíc (University of Wisconsin), “Text Editing Between Authority and

Authenticity: A Case Study”

Paolo Trovato (Univ. of Ferrara), “Bédier’s contribution to the accomplishment of

stemmatic method: an Italian perspective”

Michelangelo Zaccarello (Universita’ di Verona) “Editing Renaissance Editors:

assessing Italian authorship in the age of scribal/editorial revision”


10:15-11:45 am: Session 2


HUB 145

Chair: George Bornstein (University of Michigan)

Mark Byron (University of Sydney), “‘Make It New’: Modernist Manuscript Studies”

Robin Schulze (University of Delaware), “Modernist Poetry, Modernist Difficulty, and

Bad Printing”

Marta Werner (D’Youville College), “Notes, Like Birds: Thinking my Way Towards an

Edition of the Field Notebooks of Cordelia Stanwood, 1905-1953”


HUB 214

Chair: Geoffrey Turnovsky (University of Washington)

Alan Galey (University of Toronto), “The Veil of Code: Born-Digital Texts and Future

Prospects for Digital Textual Scholarship”

Stephen Guy-Bray (University of British Columbia), “What We Study When We Study


Grace Ioppolo (University of Reading), “The Death and Re-Birth of the Manuscript”

2C. Ottoman/Turkish Texts In and Out: Acts of Composition and Publication

HUB 337

Chair: Walter Andrews (University of Washington)

Efe Murat Balıkçıoğlu (Harvard University), “Poetry in the Text: The Use and Function of

Poetry in Rāwandī’s Rāḥat al-ṣudūr and Yazıcızāde Alī’s Translation of the Same

Work in Tevārīkh-i Âl-i Selçūḳ

Selim S. Kuru (University of Washington), “Plain Translations for Deep Readings: An

early 16th-century Turkish commentary of Persian quatrains by Awhaduddin Kirmani.”

Zeynep Seviner (University of Washington), “Filling up the columns: Serialization of

Ottoman novels in the 1890s and the case of Mai ve Siyah”

Elizabeth Nolte (University of Washington), “Irregularities in The Time Regulation

Institute: Serialization, Publication, and Translation”

2D. Death of the Editor: Digital Humanities and Textual Scholarship of the Middle Ages

HUB 340

Chair: Brian Hardison (University of Washington)

Serina Patterson (University of British Columbia), “Editing Interactive Texts: Medieval

Games as Digital Applications”

Alison Walker (Saint Louis University), “Scholarly Editing in the Digital Age with


Elisa Treccani (Universita’ di Verona), “The manuscript Vaticano Latino 3213 and the

editorial role of its compiler”


11:45 am-1:15 pm: Lunch break

For STS Board members: Board Meeting in the Simpson Center for the Humanities,

Communications Building 202.


1:15-2:30pm: Keynote II

HUB Lyceum

Sheldon Pollock (Columbia University), “History and Theory in the Practice of


Introduction by Richard Salomon (University of Washington)


2:45-4:15 pm: Session 3

3A. Mapping Textual Spaces: Writing, Practice, Gaming

HUB 145

Chair: Meg Roland (Marylhurst University)

John Caruso (Marylhurst University), “‘Now You’re Thinking With Portals’: Reimagining

Spatial Possibilities in Valve’s Portal Series”

Nathan Phillips (University of Victoria), “Walking in the City: Early Modern Spatial


Meg Roland (Marylhurst University), “’Look you here’: A World Map for Early Modern


Jessica Zisa (Marylhurst University), “Social and Natural Spaces: Sebald and Thoreau”


HUB 214

Chair: Selim S. Kuru (University of Washington)

Heekyoung Cho (University of Washington), “Translation and Textual Production in

Serial Publication”

Sima Daad (University of Washington), “Mohammad Qazvini (1877-1949), Iranian

National Identity, and British Institutions: A Sociological Approach to Modern Persian Scholarship”

Jennifer Dubrow (University of Washington), “Book History without Books? Periodicals

and Readers in Nineteenth-Century India”

John Christopher Hamm (University of Washington), “Tarzan in the Land of the Dragon:

Vernacular Translation and Print Culture in Republican-Era China”


HUB 337

Chair: Gabrielle Dean (Johns Hopkins University)

Amy Chen (University of Alabama), “Networks in the Archive: The Role of Foundational

Literary Collection Acquisitions”

Amanda Clark (Whitworth University), “Lost Archives, Forgotten Voices, and Stories

from Different Lands: Book Art as Narrative”

Joseph Tennis (University of Washington), “A New York Semantic Pastiche: Writing and

Intertextuality in the Billings Classification”


HUB 340

Chair: Míċeál Vaughan (University of Washington)

Beatrice Arduini (University of Washington), “Printing in Florence in the late fifteenth

century: a 1485 Bonaccorsi edition in the UW Special Collections”

Stephen Partridge (University of British Columbia), “Textual Criticism, Paleography, and

Codicology: Approaches to Chaucer’s Text”

Christine Rose (Portland State University), “Le Ménagier de Paris in the Bibliothèque

Nationale de Luxembourg: MS 95 Rediscovered”


4:45-6:15 pm: Session 4: Racial and Textual Publics

HUB 145

Chair: Robin Schulze (University of Delaware)

Respondent: John Young (Marshall University)

George Bornstein (University of Michigan), “Publishing Black Writers in the Early

Twentieth Century: A Transatlantic Perspective”

Matt Cohen (University of Texas), “Silence and Circulation in Olaudah Equiano’s


George Hutchinson (Cornell University), “Who Owns an American Cocktail?: Some

Differences Race Makes in Getting a Memoir into Print”

Saturday 22 March 2014

8:15-11:45 am: Registration



8:30-10:00 am: Session 5


HUB 145

Chair: Marta Werner (D’Youville College)

Chelsea Jennings (University of Washington), “Facsimile Aesthetics: Emily Dickinson,

Susan Howe, Erica Baum”

Matthew Vechinski (Virginia Commonwealth University), “From Collectors to Curators:

The Once Permanent and Now Guest Editors of the Best American Short Stories Series”

John Young (Marshall University), “The Editorial and Ontological Status of Magazine



HUB 214

Chair: Barbara Oberg (Princeton University)

Gregory Mackie (University of British Columbia), “The Picture of ‘Dorian Hope’: Literary

Forgery and Oscar Wilde”

Andrew Reynolds (West Texas A&M University), “Editorializing Modernismo: Rubén

Darío and the Latin American Creation of World Literature”

Krista Speicher (James Madison University), “Complicating Censorship: Nicholas

Frankel’s Editorship of The Picture of Dorian Gray


HUB 250

Chair: Christina Wygant (University of Washington)

Gabrielle Dean (Johns Hopkins University), “The Trans-Atlantic Stephen Crane”

Jan Gielkens and Marc van Zoggel (Huygens Institute for the History of the

Netherlands), “Into the Mystic: A Writer’s Account of a Writing Process Compared with the Writer’s Manuscripts. Harry Mulisch and his Discovery of Heaven

Bob Karachuk and David Nolen (Mississippi State University), “One Voice, Many

Hands: The Writing and Editing of Grant’s Memoirs


HUB 337

Chair: Tara Lyons (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)

Abigail Fine (Georgetown University), “Audience Revision and the Construction of The

Knight of the Burning Pestle

Jillian Linster (University of Iowa), “‘Ye Lovers of Physick, come lend me your Ear’:

Popular Representations of Medical Culture in Early Modern English Broadside Ballads”

William Mari (University of Washington), “Writer by Trade: James Ralph and his

Contemporaries speak to the Evolution of Journalism, Authorship and Literary Culture in Early Eighteenth Century Great Britain”

Sharmila Mukherjee (University of Washington), “The Shakespeare Book in Colonial



HUB 340

Chair: Amanda Gailey (University of Nebraska)

Barbara Bordalejo (University of Saskatchewan), “Editing the Canterbury Tales for

Mobile Apps”

Katrina Brown (Sarah Lawrence College), “Mother Meng Keeps Moving: Locating and

Contextualizing Pre-Modern Texts in a Post-Modern World”

Simon Rowberry (University of Winchester), “Paper: Vulnerable textuality in the e-book



10:15-11:30 am: Keynote III

HUB 250

Zachary Lesser (University of Pennsylvania), “Hamlet after Q1: ‘To be or not to be’ in

book history, textual criticism, and close reading”

Introduction by Jeffrey Todd Knight (University of Washington)


11:30 am-1:00 pm: Lunch break


1:00-2:30 pm: Session 6


HUB 145

Chair: Louisa Mackenzie (University of Washington)

Joshua Calhoun (University of Wisconsin), “Managing Animals: 16th-Century Ecologies

of Annotation”

Erin Kelly (University of Victoria), “Red Ruling in Early Printed Books”

Scott Lancaster (Texas A&M University–Commerce), “The Textualization of Personal

Voice: Use of Italic Type in Early Modern Texts”


HUB 214

Chair: Raimonda Modiano (University of Washington)

Brian Hardison (University of Washington), “Recompiling Medieval Glossaries: Digital

Humanities and the English Group of Glossaries”

Benjamin Rosenberg (University of Washington), “Shakespeare and the Politics of Risō:

The Circulation and Translation of Julius Caesar in Early Meiji Japan”

Maureen Jackson (University of Washington), “The Persistence of Oral Transmission:

Jewish Religious Music in Turkey”


HUB 250

Chair: John Young (Marshall University)

Mandy Gagel (University of California, Berkeley), “Mark Twain’s ‘Ashcroft-Lyon

Manuscript’: Autobiography or Letter? How do questions of form constrain or enhance editorial policy?”

James Phelan (Vanderbilt University), “Ulysses, Annotation, and Attention”

John Stape (St. Mary’s University College), “Joseph Conrad’s Victory: The Social vs.

The Authorial Text”


HUB 337

Chair: Jennifer Dubrow (University of Washington)

Nicole Gray (University of Texas), “Sojourner Truth’s Poetics of Print”

Adam Taylor (University of Victoria), “Physiognomy, Phrenology, and the Interpretation

of Bodies in Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Aurora Floyd

Christina Wygant (University of Washington), “From Slave to Goddess: Changing

Representations of Joanna in Editorial Versions of John Gabriel Stedman’s Narrative


2:45-4:15 pm: Session 7


HUB 145

Chair: Leroy Searle (University of Washington)

Will Farina (Loyola University — Chicago), “‘The soul lies buried in the ink that writes’:

Punctuating John Clare”

Alexander Schlutz (John Jay College and CUNY Graduate Center), “Textual Instability

and the Problem of Representation in P.B. Shelley’s ‘On the Medusa of Leonardo

da Vinci’”

Onita Vaz-Hooper (Davidson College), “Imaginary Matter: Coleridge’s Textual Practice”


HUB 214

Chair: Geoffrey Turnovsky (University of Washington)

Megan Heffernan (DePaul University), “Texts and Forms: Gascoigne’s Poetic


Vin Nardizzi (University of British Columbia), “‘Before, behind, between, above, below’:

Figuring Premodern Environs”

Cordelia Zukerman (University of Michigan), “Traversing the Borders of the Poem:

Amelia Lanyer’s Textual Staging of Genre, Gender, and Status”


HUB 250

Chair: Andrew Reynolds (West Texas A&M University)

Nicholas Bradley (University of Victoria), “The Last Canadian Writers? Editing the

Middle Generation of Canadian Authors”

Karen Emmerich (University of Oregon), “‘A genre mixed but valid’: Dionysios Solomos,

Translation, and the Editorial Abyss”

Jane Wong (University of Washington), “Erasing and Lifting ‘Stones’ of Language:

Examining the Textual Complexities of Contemporary Erasure Poetry”


HUB 337

Chair: Brian Reed (University of Washington)

Andrew Ferguson (University of Virginia), “An Exercise in Textual Glitching; or, How Not

to Play Final Fantasy IV

Chaya Litvack (University of Toronto), “The Work of Double Game: Paul Auster and

Sophie Calle’s Archive of Textual Embodiment”

Matthew Schneider (University of Toronto), “MARS Attacks: Core War and the

topography of the hard drive”

Phil Witte (University of Michigan), “‘Anguish of perceivedness’: disability and lookers in

a cinematic intertext”


HUB 340

Chair: Joseph Tennis (University of Washington)

Joshua Davidson (Independent Researcher), “Whose Book is This, Anyway?”

Julia Susana Gómez (University of Oregon), “Commentary as Editing Practice: A Triple

Authorial Remove in Nick Thurston’s Reading the Remove of Literature

Amanda Lastoria (Simon Fraser University), “Manufacturing Meaning: The Impact of

Book Design and Production Values on the Text-Reader Relationship”

4:45-6:15 pm: Session 8

HUB 250

Chair: Raimonda Modiano (University of Washington)

Paul Eggert (University of New South Wales), “In my end is my beginning:

Works, Books and Pixels”

David Greetham (CUNY Graduate Center), “‘Revolution or Evolution?’ Or, ‘Badness,’

‘Cowardice,’ ‘Fears,’ ‘Insanity’ and ‘Self-Indulgence'”

Randall McLeod (University of Toronto), “Les égouts de Paris (The Sewers of


6:30-9:00 pm: Banquet

University of Washington Club